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We Highly Recommend Stacy

She goes above and beyond to help! She coordinated multiple visits, repairs, etc, and made everything work for us. She fine tuned our search for a house , making our trip from Tulsa efficient. We didn’t waste any time looking at houses that didn’t fit our search criteria. We highly recommend Stacy  as a realtor […]

Hiking In The Valley – What You Need To Know!

Arizona weather is a huge draw to locals and visitors to hike the many beautiful trails the valley has to offer.  Authorities are concerned about inexperienced hikers who are unfamiliar with the territory and over estimate their hiking ability and lack of preparation.  Don’t let the comfortable temperature of mid 70ies fool you. Firefighters sill […]

Are High-Performing Schools a Selling Feature?

Homes in proximity to good schools have higher property values.   Homes in neighborhoods with highly-rated public schools often are priced higher than homes that are not because home buyers seek out good schools.  These good schools, in turn, increase property values for everyone.  If your children are no longer school-aged, or whether or not […]

March Activities Around the Valley

If you’re in the market for some fun activities to enjoy during the beautiful month of March, consider checking out one of the many festivals and events around the valley.  For example, from 4 pm-midnight on March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, there will be a Shamrock Fest for adults, at Dr. AJ Chandler Park located […]

What’s with all the canals in Phoenix?

Visitors to Phoenix and even long-time Phoenicians may have wondered about the canals that stream throughout the Valley of the Sun.  Did you know that there are more than 180 miles of canals in Metro Phoenix?  (ArizonaForward.org).  That’s more miles of canals than Venice and Amsterdam combined!  Venice has about 26 miles and Amsterdam has […]