Great Listener and Observer

Stacy is the best real estate agent we have ever dealt with and she secured a beautiful home for us, virtually on her own. During a golf trip to Scottsdale in April, my wife and I decided to look casually at real estate, interested but no intention to buy. Despite telling Stacy this, she put three  great afternoons together showing us the range of possibilities and then narrowing to houses that were increasingly appealing…she is a great listener and observer with both impeccable knowledge and taste, and a lot of fun! Engaging, quick and funny—a sweetheart. We went away happy but uncommitted, back overseas to my job in Abu Dhabi. Then during some subsequent financial planning, buying a house in Arizona became a priority. We got in touch with Stacy in September, gave her the parameters, told her we were focused on Desert Mountain and she went straight to work. Soon, every house in our price range was visited, a video with commentary made and the choices narrowed. Nothing was perfect until one day she found the perfect size, placement and setting plus a good seller situation. We then priced the house in what became a competitive situation and won by less than 1%…close! Stacy did not stop there…she handled all the closing matters including the inspection, negotiation and follow up on repairs and all documentation efficiently and effectively on- line for us with a 12 hour time difference…amazing. This is the first house we have ever bought sight unseen, but placed our trust in Stacy and we were well rewarded for that trust by her tireless effort and hustle, effective communication and range of skills from start to finish—from search to closing—which are second to none. We have bought and sold homes in the US, UK, France, Spain and Switzerland but never have we been served so well by a real estate agent, and now, good friend. We would recommend her highly to anyone who wants and needs a complete soup to nuts service for buying a home in Scottsdale. There is simply no one better than Stacy and am sure she will find something great for you too. zillow

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