The Waste Management Phoenix Open

The Phoenix open is approaching. I golfed there a few days ago and took some shots of the setup.

16th hole set up

16th hole set up

across the water on 17- usually corporate village

across the water on 17- usually corporate village

phoenix open

set up at the 16th hole


down 17th fairway

The first time I went, I would have found these points helpful:

Parking – once you get into the area of the TPC Golf Course there are signs everywhere telling you where to go to park. You will park in huge lots and be bused over to the gates of the course. This is one of the most efficient crowd control I have ever seen. If you happen to have a parking pass you will have signage for your lot as well.
Tickets – can be purchased on line and at the gate. $25/day for general admission. As you are walking to the gate, often people will offer their “extra” tickets and usually a bit lower than at the gate.

Last year cell phones were not really required to be checked and people could sneak in with them.  Checking your phone isn’t that big a deal except at the end of the day when you have to line up to get it back!

Bring your ID.  If you plan on having a drink or two, you will be ID’d right at the entrance and given a wristband that you need to wear in order to  purchase alcohol. You will start with a walk through the entrance tent with merchants and booth displays and usually a tonne of samples but be prepared to be marketed to!

Once you are in the gate – grab a program and either follow a player or set up on a hole and watch players come through.  16 is great, but now that they have stands all around the par 3, be prepared on the busier days: Sat/Sun to wait in a line to get in there.  I have included my video from last year when Phil Mickelson entered 16: The Stadium.


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